Sunday, March 25, 2007

Sunday, Fugly Sunday

Okay, so I missed Fugly Friday. I was busy lobbying congress. I'll try to make it up to you now.
In my continuing homage to You Knit What?, here is yet another fantastic addition.
I never said this had to be knit, so let's look at something lovely from the crochet side, shall we?

What are they, you ask?
Good question. Aparently you're supposed to put them in your hair. I'm not kidding. Free pattern here.
They're called "Banana Curlz" (the "z" means it's cool) or "Curlicue Hair Bows". The notes say you're supposed to tie them around a ponytail or pigtails. I'm actually having some trouble picturing that.
I suppose if you are five, this might be adorable. I'm not really sure, but most things on five year olds are. It also guarantees that said five year old will hate you when they turn fifteen. Still, there are cuter ways to embarrass your child and use up your stash.

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