Friday, March 16, 2007

Fugly Friday

Good Fugly Friday, my friends. I am back from Japan. It's absurdly early in the morning, and I'm awake thanks to jet lag. The photo album is complete, but out of order. Go spy on me in Japan. It's pretty there, I promise.

Also, I'll get to the socks, really I will. But we have more pressing matters at hand.

Namely, this:

I'm stunned. I'm really, really stunned. I don't want to pick on Lion Brand (free pattern here, but you'll have to register), but come on.
A fun fur jacket for you dog? This is too much.
First, let me point out the obvious. The dog has fur to begin with. It does not need weird, nasty, acrylic fun fur on top of that. I promise. Dogs did not evolve to wear acrylic.
Second, what is with people dressing up their dogs anyway? I'm all for dressing animals up in the name of entertainment (such as, or if for some reason you have a short hair dog in a cold climate, but dogs are not accessories. They are not. They are not baby dolls for people to dress up and put in designer purses. And why knitters of all people (who generally tend to be a sane bunch) would emulate the sort of people that do that, I don't understand. This poor little sweater is some sort of fashion statement.
All I can say is, thank god it's not a child. While anyone who makes this thing is bound to take embarrassing pictures of it, at least it's not going to haunt the dog when its parents bring out the photo album on its first date. (At least, I don't think they do that kind of thing at the breeders, I don't really know for sure.)


Carrie Penny said...

Poor poor pooch...You know, I don't really have a problem with fun fur in general, it is a fun accent to different crocheted and knitted pieces, but once again, this is a carried thread through a piece, it is in God awful colors and on a fair masculine looking wouldn't need to have your dog fixed this way, no other dog would touch it dressed like that...

Robin said...

Too funny - I had to go check out the "stuff on cats" blog as I hadn't heard about that one. I have a friend who loves to dress up cats so I had to forward that to her as well...Happy Friday!

Kelli said...

you should make one for Bullwinkle.