Monday, March 19, 2007

"Sarah is"

Okay, I stole this meme from Madalyn. It's pretty entertaining. Here's how it works.

Google your name with is in quotes (like this - “Jody is”) and see what you have been up to.

Sarah is beautiful inside and out. (Awww. There's actually a whole sappy poem dedicated to another mythical Sarah.)
Sarah is a little too much for the prudish.
Sarah Is Like A Koala Crapping A Rainbow In Your Brain! (Awesome!)
Sarah is Famous
Sarah is now TWENTY-TWOyears old! Huzzah!
Sarah is a lush.
Sarah Is Sparkly
Saint Sarah is local and Christianized manifestation of Kali
Sarah is fantastic, simple but beautiful inside and out.
Sarah is still the child who never learned to share
Sarah is just one big huge ball of confusion
Sweet Sarah is looking for friends ;).
Sarah is planning two adult novels
Sarah is currently focusing on her solo career
Sarah is deeply focused on "solutions-based journalism"
Sarah IS the MOST Annoying one to me.
Sarah is not an opera singer
Sarah is on another phone call
Sarah is shocked to see that they are naked
Sarah is nice, but she is also stubborn and quick to speak her mind.
Sarah is looking forward to undertaking some extensive research
Sarah is forced to face the Terminator alone
Sarah is sitting around the house with a couple of friends
Sarah is surrounded by an entourage, all of whom have their own agendas
Sarah is going to have very to little real combat since good witches and wizards in the Harry Potter universe are forbidden to use magic for evil.
Sarah is not a new student--she's the teacher!
Sarah is not only a great friend, but an incredibly reliable colleague.
Sarah is indebted to Athens
Sarah is not sufficiently disturbed to merit help from social services
Sarah is a Fantastic Read.
Sarah is available to provide comments to the media and press
Sarah is in her mid 20's, bright, personable and very attractive.
Sarah is 100% right
Sarah is more reserved, she will stand back and watch, and look around a bit
Sarah is best at recognizing potential when desperation is a major factor.
Sarah is a natural-born sniffer
Sarah is Obviously Not a Guy
Sarah is first taken to be some kind of saint but then things go badly wrong.
Sarah is looking for a Super Bowl date
Sarah Is Mightier Than The Sword
Sarah is not going ever approach Angelia Jolie or Noami Watts
Sarah is an undeniably bold personality, but she also reveals great sensitivity and need.
Sarah is thrilled, but suddenly realizes she has grown
Sarah is taken to meet the Queen Spider and strikes a bargain with her
Sarah is a person who never reveals her secrets
Sarah is characterized by an intense desire to learn
Sarah is ready to. catch the next flight to Washington (that's actually true - I leave for DC Tuesday)
Sarah is familiar with most of the resources in a library and how to use them

Okay, so maybe you can tell I only picked the ones I liked. There are more than enough, and I could go on.It's a popular name, and aparently I've been busy. But here's my personal favorite:

Sarah is the Man, Jimmy is the Woman

Have I happened to mention what the boy's name was?


Carrie Penny said...

I too many hits off my name...Most aren't too plesent... BTW, you can cook, just follow the cookbook like you would a diagram. Just take it step by step... It isn't hard I promise...

madalyn said...

LOVE the Koala one! Awesome!

Jordan said...

ha. sarah is a lush. i like it. I hesitate to see what i am.

Robin said...

That is a funny meme - maybe I'll try it!