Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Two Cloths for Sister Sara

Okay, the boy's sister...in-law. But she is named Sara.
Here they are posing with my handsoap. I'm going to buy a pretty soap to wrap them up with.
The boy's SIL had a birthday about a week ago, and a huge party which involved the Beer Olympics (further details need not be mentioned here). I did not bring a gift, but that was semi-intentional, as I was determined to knit her some lovely facecloths and needed to scope out her bathroom first. I considered asking the boy, but you know what asking boys about things like that is like. He wouldn't have known, and would have asked his brother, who probably also wouldn't have known.
The bathroom is sort of a dark marble, but their towels are white, and that's what counts.
So I grabbed some Bernat Cottontots (cheap, but good), and knit up a couple of these. I had originally intended to make several with different stitch patterns, but I liked this one so much, I thought a matching set of two would go nicely.
The central stitch pattern was adapted from a vintage craft book, and it goes like this:

Row 1: Knit
Row 2: Ktog across
Row 3:Kf/b across
Row 4: Purl

Simple, easy to remember, a little lacy, but still sturdy. Perfect for a washcloth, I think.
(If you're further curious, I cast on 44 sts with a size 7 needle, knit 5 rows garter stitch, and maintained a 3 stitch wide garter border on either side, knit till it was almost square, and finished off with 5 more rows of garter stitch.)

In summary:

Pattern: See above
Yarn: Bernat cottontots, from the stash, about 1/4 skein makes two. 100% washable cotton, the stuff is available at box stores for around $3 a skein.
Needle: Size 7 (4.5mm)
Time: Maybe two hours each? That's being generous.
Cost: Free, since it's from the stash. But probably less than $3 anyway. Still, it's the effort that counts.
Oh, and dudes. Check out the new flickr badges.
This blog is officially 87% cooler.


Amanda said...

That's a really nice gift. I love the "spa white" cloths.

I'm super jealous of your Flickr badges. I've always wondered how people did that. Your blog was cool naturally (Because you are Sarah!), but this just kinda pushes it over the edge! Love, love, love it.

Jen said...

Love the cloths. They are very very cool. And, now that I went gone through all you stash pics, I had to take pictures of mine too. Ravelry will be calling any day now, right? :)

Carrie Penny said...

I love that as b-day and anniv gifts... I just forgot my parents', so I am thinking I may have to knit some up this weekend and send them off on Mon or Tues...

Valerie said...

They are very nice and I am sure that she will like them, what can you not like about something handmade?