Monday, July 02, 2007

My Awesome Secret Pal!

I got a reveal package today from my secret pal. She's Kozy Kitty! No wonder she took such good care of Worfy. She's been such an awesome secret pal.
I can't find my camera at the moment, or I would show you what she sent in the final package (as if she hadn't sent me enough already). She got me a flowering tea and cool clear teapot to watch it bloom, some more yummy exotic choclates, some gorgeous handpainted yarn (550 yds!) in wonderful pinks and purples, and, this is the best part, Hello Kitty stitch markers in their own little Hello Kitty change purse! I'm absolutely obsessed with Hello Kitty (because I'm secretly 5 years old). I squealed when I saw them. I'm also really excited to try the tea. I've seen it stores, but I've never actually watched one bloom.
And in a final note of irony, hers was the suggestion I think I'll use for the Hello Kitty red cardigan. So, secret pal, you win! Uh, want to discuss a prize?
My own secret pal was Suzanne, but don't go telling her just yet. I mailed her a reveal card, but I don't think she's gotten it. I tried to be a good pal, but I didn't rock it quite as much as mine did.

*Edit* Okay, rock on. The camera was in my car. Here's what my awesome secret pal got me.

The flowering tea (which can aparently be obtained from

The pretty super-soft yarn (it's purplier in real life - it looks a little blue in this picture)

Holy crap! Hello Kitty stitch markers!

I mean, seriously. Rainbow argyle Hello Kitty stitch markers! For the Hello Kitty sweater she found the perfect pattern for. I can't believe how cute this is!

*Edit #2* And SP 11 is now open! Go sign up, and you could get awesome, awesome things like I did.


Kozy Kitty said...

I'm so glad you love the stitch markers! My daughter, who is about your age, has always been obsessed with Hello Kitty too. We have a Hello Kitty doll house with a Hello Kitty family that I got her when she was about 2! Of course, this was before most people knew who Hello Kitty was! Those markers will come in handy when knitting that top down cardigan. I've become quite obsessed with top down sweaters and I've decided that they are the only way to go!


Jen said...

Oh what a great SP you have! :)

Amanda said...

Your secret pal is downright awesome. However, those Hello Kitty stitch markers are the most amazing thing I've ever seen!! You lucked out with the secret pal this time around. What a great gift.

Carrie Penny said...

I love the hello kitty stitch markers! Those are just too cute for words! I love the little matching pouch for them. I wonder if I can find/make Aqua Teen Hunger force ones with a matching pouch... Maybe even Family Guy ones... OOOOOOOOh crafty gene kicking in... Have to figure out!

Robin said...

Looks great! You had a great round of SP this time! (At one point, a few months ago, I thought you might be my SP as you had commented on my blog as SP but with your blog address - it must have saved it from when you were commenting on your SP's blog!!)