Monday, July 09, 2007

Fugly Monday (Amanda)

Now, Amanda thinks this bag she knit is fugly. Personally, I think it could be a lot worse. But, she deserves a post because
So go hassle her and say hi. She wins the contest/gets birthday presents.
Her commentary on this is pretty funny though, she claims that it is "like a spotted cow that mated with a zebra - only worse." I suspect that yarn is acrylic, but she doesn't say.
The purse's fate is unknown, because, "This beauty got "donated" to the salvation army before I left the Bend. I'm sure that they think that I should have also stuffed it with a cash donation too, as I really should have paid someone to take it off my hands." I'm sure someone who's into zebras really loves it. They may be 5, but hey.
Also, have you guys ever heard the sound a zebra makes? Go here and have a listen.


Amanda said...

I got picked! Yay!

You're right. It's made out of some really bad acrylic. It might not have been that bad in another color.. maybe it's the zebra thing that just does it in.

Kelli said...

aioka aioka aioka

Jamisyn said...

Maybe one day I will take a picture of this "jacket" I knitted once, just for fun...I think you'd get a kick out of it...and it's pretty fugly!

Romi said...

Birthday wishes distributed. :)