Tuesday, March 20, 2007


Okay, I've heard about DeStash a few times, but I hadn't really checked it out until jet lag kept me awake all last night. (All night. I'm not kidding.)
Well now I am a member. Let's face it, there are yarns in my stash I am simply never going to knit. The pack rat in me hates to admit it, but it's true. And the stash is too big. Among all the other drastic cleaning that needs to be done in my house (like, you know, not having epic proportions of clutter all over the entire place), the unnecessary yarns need to be trimmed.
Of course, that didn't stop me from buying three things from other people right away. Look, I got some Koigu for cheaper than I could here, some nice Trekking (which is fantastic yarn) and I'm going to swap for some INOX circular needles. And I had been planning on buying exactly that size of circular needles anyway.
But that's not the point. I will begin the destash process. I will. I'm also going to try to knit up as much of it as possible. It's not a full scale yarn diet, but I'm going to watch my yarn figure. Or something.

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Carrie Penny said...

Well, as long as you keep pictures of things for me to lust after up on your blog you can destash all you want! Good Luck!