Friday, March 09, 2007

Fugly Friday

You didn't think I'd forget, did you?

Especially not when this poor child is involved. Sure, I could save this up for a Halloween theme, but that's so far away. And this child is very, very unhappy. He misses his arms. How is he supposed to go trick or treating without them?
Now, I'm all for knitting children's things, because they're small and easy. But how could you put this much knitting into something he's guaranteed to wear only once, and that's if he makes it to the end of the night in it. No, people. Learn to sew.
I don't understand what the hood is all about. I'm not sure if the feet are part of the garment or not. And I don't even think it looks that much like a pumpkin.
But the people at Berroco like it, and they put it here. But why is it named "Brooklyn"? Are there a lot of angry, misshapen pumpkins in Brooklyn?
This has been Fugly Friday, brought to you from Japan. (Only it's Saturday here already. But it's Friday for you, and that's what counts.)

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Anonymous said...

Now, aren't you glad I never learned to knit?