Monday, March 26, 2007

An Honest Assessment

Nope, no pictures here. If you don't like words, move along.
I owe you posts on the socks I made in Japan (but Blogger ate it the last time I tried to post) and on some acquisitions I made while in DC (including quiviut - my heart swells just reading those words).
In the meantime, instead of doing any real work, I thought I'd take a mental inventory of the ridiculous number of projects I have on the needles. Maybe seeing it in print will freak me out enough to actually finish them.

-men's black dress socks, must be done by Friday (for the boy's oldest brother's 30th birthday party)
-crochet blanket, on commission, must be done ASAP
-hat for Yarn Harlot represent tour, must be done by April 3 (okay, so I haven't actually cast on yet, but it still has to be done by then)
-top secret project that must be done by a certain date in May (mostly just finishing)
-crazy German fair isle vest
-generic baby jacket
-an entrelac scarf that will never end
-a Bears scarf I was too depressed to finish

-an Adrienne Vitedinni (sp) cables and lace tank that I was going to make in hot pink that really a good idea?
-that awful blanket that is my perpetual UFO because I didn't understand intarsia. I don't have the heart to frog it though
-the absurd intarsia tapestry blanket
-baby kimono in a ribbon yarn
-modified tank from Last Minute Knitted Gifts (I actually don't even know where that is right now)
-crochet baby jacket that just needs embroidery and buttons
-the abandoned bad socks (that's two single socks, not a pair) that I should really rip out
-crochet nylon purse
-a ballet T I made with two different yarns that I'm not sure go well together - needs finishing, but may be ugly
-Master Knitter projects (though is it any wonder I haven't been knitting swatches?)
-other things that lurk at the depths of my closet that I can't recall right now

Things I have the yarn for and a project in mind:
-Cash Iroha cardigan with Hello Kitty buttons
-lace shawl in quiviut - going to use a pattern from Victorian Lace Today, but haven't picked it out quite yet (but I did get the new lace Addis for it)
-modular scarf in Alchemy yarns
-Lotus Blossom Tank (IK summer '06) in soft pink bamboo
-a slew of baby things (both for the hope chest and to produce as soon as I hear yet another person is having a baby)
-lots of washcloths

Things I'm wanting to make, but really better not just yet:
-something for the boy
-Thrummed mittens
-Kid Silk Haze sweater from Classic Knits
-Most things from Fitted Knits
-Something beaded
-lace shawl from the mohair I got in Japan
-Freeform purse
-things from Victorian Lace Today
-reserve wedding shawl (so I can produce it as soon as one of my friends gets engaged)
-reserve baby items
-things for the hope chest
-things from the rest of the stash
-an absurd top secret project
-advance Christmas gifts
-enough socks so that I'll never have to wear storebought socks again

What exactly is it I'm thinking? I believe I have not only reached SABLE but OTNBLE. Bad Sarah! Go to your corner at start knitting.


Jen said...

i too am always thinking of the eight other things i want to be knitting while i am knitting a bunch of other projects! and i need to get to work on my Harlot represent hat as well. i started it, knit two inches and thought, hey, it's a hat, i can finish that later! :)

Carrie Penny said...

Hey, if I wrote all of my WIPs and UFOs you would be reading for the next 20 minutes. I have UFOs that are more than 1/2 my age old... I considered turning one into a crocheted sampler scarf, I have lost the pattern for what ever it was...