Sunday, March 04, 2007

Oh No! There goes Tokyo....

Yeah. I have shopped Tokyo, and I have shopped it hard. One of the most fantastic things? An eight story department store devoted entirely to crafts. I spent a certain amount of time and money on the knitting floor, also spending a certain amount of money which we are not going to discuss. Ever.
Of course, there are also the more traditional, cultural things, which I have obviously done. And I saw pandas. I will try to start loading my pictures on my yahoo site soon. But there are lots of yarn goodies to be seen. This is the country that makes Noro after all, and it`s a lot cheaper before importing it.
I`m really sad to leave Tokyo today, it`s one of the coolest cities I`ve ever been to. But I do get to go see the big national lab for the next few days, then it`s skiing and all sorts of other interesting cultural places.
And socks? Turns out they`re the perfect travel project. Got one done already, working on the second one. We`ve got a long bus ride today, so I should make some serious progress.

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