Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Fugly sock

Okay, so it's not Fugly Friday yet. But I'm going to be incoherent in Japan at that point, so I thought I'd bring you this tidbit now. I'm in the mood for some fugly.

And aparently so are the people at Crystal Palace Yarns.Now, I'm all for interesting socks. But...why? Why would you put this much time and effort and colorwork into something this hideous?
The individual patterns aren't so bad, but altogether, I'm about to go blind. And what is with the ruffle at the top? The designers said to themselves, "Hey, you know what this needs? A ruffle. There's just not enough going on in this sock yet. "
Also, can anyone explain what this has to do with bunnies? It's called the Bunny Hop OP sock. I see no bunnies! Or anything even bunny-like.
And you know what else? It's a sock. You get to make two of them.
One just wasn't enough.

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Carrie Penny said...

I have come across this pattern a few times now off of different boards and I have wondered the same exact thing! I think it could have been okay sans the ruffle...