Wednesday, February 21, 2007


Once again, a spiffy new website has been brought to my attention, this time by my Stitch n Bitch a Day Calendar:

The rest of the website is nice too, there are some knitting patterns, and even some things for crochet and other interests. But this, the /homework part is the spiffiness. It's modern translations of vintage knitting patterns, particularly vintage lace. It's really beautiful. It's not as visually stunning as, say, Victorian Lace Today, but once again, it's digital, so it's better.
One of these days I'm going to design myself one of those fancy pants shawls with all sorts of complicated lace patterns, and this is so going to be one of the sites I consult. But it will also come in useful if I want to put a cool lacy border on a washcloth or something.
Go knit this. Now.

(I find the Stitch n Bitch a Day idea rather funny. I definitely stitch and bitch more than once a day, each. Maybe some people are just nicer than I am.)

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