Thursday, February 15, 2007

Fugly Friday

Ah, You Knit What?, you are gone too soon. May you rest in peace.
But there are still hideous knits out there, and they need to be mocked. So in homage, I bring you Fugly Friday (fugly = effing ugly)(their term, not mine)(but it's appropriate).
I mean seriously, people. What are the knit designers thinking? Who do they think is going to wear this?
This lovely creation is brought to you by Lion Brand, free pattern here.
Where do you begin mocking this? The fact that it makes the probably very thin model look like some sort of very well coordinated bear? Or maybe it's a Santa coat that took one too many trips down a chimney.
Its title is "Rich 'Fur' Coat." Yep, totally fooled me. I thought it was real fur all along. Not to mention the fact that the "fur" is 27 balls of Fun Fur. I shudder at the thought of Fun Fur at all. But 27 entire balls of it? Not to mention that it's Wool-Ease as a base? Oooh, comfy.
Please feel free to join in the mocking. In fact, I encourage it. And if you want to send me a contribution for a future Fugly Friday (I think I'm going to make this a regular feature) you know the address.


Mary Heather said...

Hi Sarah! Thanks for visiting my blog and for the great links! (p.s. That coat truly is hideous!!!)

DancingFish said...

I made a cat bed out of wool-ease and fun fur once. Even the darn cat wouldn't go near it.

Carrie Penny said...

My grandmother wears the most god awful stuff most of the time; all of the grandkids pray no one we know sees us out with her (she still thinks she twenty something and in 80's at best)... I do have to say, I believe this is too awful even for her to wear...(cringe) All I have to ask is... Why? For the love of Pete, Why?

Robn said...

I loved You Knit What? and was sorry to see it go. This one truly deserved the title of Fugly. Fun fur. Blah.

Veronica Van said...

Sarah, When I first saw this I googled the yarn and totaled up how much it would cost to make this "thing". It was something like 250.00. Think about the angora, cashmere etc... things you could make for that amount of cash. In fact you could probably find a use fur for not much more. (maybe not a nice one but it could not be much worse). And does this thing make that model look fat or what. Do you think anyone ever made this (other than that one, I mean).