Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Hat for the Boy v. 2.0

The previous hat for the boy was made when we had just started dating. It was near both our birthdays (he's one year and two days older), and this hat was going to be his gift.
That was in October.
I made that hat, but somehow it defies the laws of physics. I have a very small head. I'm fairly comfortable wearing children's sizes. He's Irish, and therefore his head has its own gravitational pull. Yet somehow, through some warp in the space-time continuum, it fits me, yet is too big for him. You'd think someone with as much physics under their belt as I have would be able to figure this out, but it's still a mystery. I think his head actually bends spacetime in a gravity well.
So I kept that hat, and it looks adorable on me. (Although my mother likes to say I look like a sailor when I wear it, particularly with the black pea coat. Well, ahoy, matey.) I finally (!) got around to making him a replacement. To his credit, he actually asked for it. (A man who appreciates handknits! Back off! He's mine!)

I decided to make this one ribbed all the way to the brim, so it would stretch in any direction, and super long, so he could just roll up the brim as high as it needs to go.
Turned sideways, it also looks like the giant bullets from the pirate ship in Mario Bros.

I'm not cheap enough to give it to him for Valentine's Day (aka Single People Awareness Day and Senseless Slaughter of Flowers Day, as I learned in the LYS last week). He got a proper gift, and he's coming over to cook me dinner tomorrow. It's a dangerous path, this knitting. First it's a hat, and before you know it, you're headed the way of the sweater curse.

In summary:
Yarn: Cashsoft Aran (oh, look it up yourself, I lost the ball band)
Needles: Size 7, 16" circ and dpn
Pattern: basically a k4, p4 rib
Time: about two days, once I got on with it
Cost: ~$18
Guilt level: Orange


MUDNYC said...

The first time I knit a hat for Dave, I had to frog it halfway back about FIVE TIMES until it met his discriminating fit desires. But he wears it a lot, so it was worth it! He shrank the socks I knit him, though...grrrr...

Carrie Penny said...

I love it! The whole post, you have made my "sad, lonely crafter" day two days in a row! Now, when you figure out how to compensate for a bald head, I will remake my dad's birthday gift... His fits, it just doesn't stay put...

Carrie Penny said...

I ribbed it, so it fit, it just keeps sliding on the bald slope...oh well, maybe I could make him something with a chin strap...