Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Off to Japan

Well dear and faithful readers (Mom), I'm off to Japan.
Before I go though, I must say one thing.
I love the internet.
The boy sent me a huge shopping guide to Tokyo (he's a keeper) and I found all sorts of goodies on the knittyboard about yarn shopping in Japan. It certainly didn't fail me in Prague (seriously, how much yarn did I come back with?), so I assume I'm going to do pretty well in Japan too. And I didn't speak Czech either, so I'm not going to be that much worse off.
I'm sure I should feel guilty, because I should go learn something blah blah murble schmurble, but they want me to "get the cultural experience." I'm sure purchasing lots of Japanese yarn will help me to understand the Japanese cultural zeitgeist. (Although I am convinced shopping is a universal language.)
See you all in two weeks, if I don't blog before.

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Carrie Penny said...

Happy Travels and a Safe Return!