Thursday, May 24, 2007

Fugly Friday

We all miss You Knit What? , but just because they are gone doesn't mean the merciless mocking has to stop.

I bring you- the Travellin' Man Shoe Covers from Lion Brand, free pattern here.

Aparently, their purpose is thus, "These special 'booties' fit on the outside of shoes and protect your clothing from getting shoe polish on it in the suitcase."

Oh, right. That always happens to me.

Now, let's think about this. Men's socks are big enough, but then you want to make them fit on the outside of the shoe?

And let me get this straight. Their purpose is to keep shoe polish off your clothes. You want to get shoe polish on something I've hand knit? Granted, it's only Lion Brande Wool-Ease (two skeins) but I don't think so.
No one needs these. And if they did, it sure as hell wouldn't be something I would take the time to knit. Make the man some damn socks and don't make him think he has to pack these absurd things.

Also, I have some shoes that look a lot like that. They're really comfortable.


Jennifer said...

I'm a randon SP10 visitor who can't help but tell you that my dad actually had some of these when I was growing up. Granted, is were not handknit, but they served the exact same purpose. You know, to keep your clothes clean from your shoes. He wasn't as concerned about shoe polish as he was dirt from the bottom of the shoe. I always found them humorous. If you just turn your shoes so the bottoms face the side of the bag it's not a problem right? That's what I thought until I went running one day on a trail near their house and then needed to fly home. I had a suitcase and clothes full of dried grass clippings when I got home... Still, wouldn't a plastic bag work just as well, cost less, and take much less time to acquire?

In short, I agree whole heartedly!

Jen said...

Those are super fugly! :)

robin said...

Those are crazy!! Thanks for sharing!

Connie said...

Actually my husband uses something like this but it is to keep the shoes from getting nicked up - and this is only for business trips and for the dress shoes