Friday, May 04, 2007

C is for Cookie...A

Did you know you can set up an RSS feed to find out anytime someone blogs about you?
Cookie A does.
So I did drop by the LYS during my lunch hour, to try to get a pattern signed by Cookie A. (See, I bet she's reading this now. Hi Cookie!) She was very nice and friendly, and her hair does this really cool color-morphing thing that I wanted to ask about, but didn't.
She had, in fact, noticed that I had blogged about her the other day.....that I had blogged about her like a stupid, giddy schoolgirl. She only teased me a little. I still can't believe that some stores didn't even know who she was, and she said some were even rude to her. She's a knitting celebrity!
At any rate, the owners were very nice to her, started carrying her patterns, and showed her around the dye studio. (The LYS dyes Dream in Color yarns.)
Here's her taking a picture of me...taking a picture of her...taking a picture of with recursion.

They sent her off with a few skeins of sock yarn, with everyone hoping for a wonderful combination of pattern and yarn as the result. And she got free sock yarn, so bonus.
I hope this works out. It would be the coolest thing in the world if she used that yarn in one of her patterns. I have my worries, though, because most of her patterns tend to be in a solid color (a feature I actually really like), but the yarn is quite colorful (as the name might suggest).
Of course, I had to get her to sign a pattern for me. I couldn't decide, so I asked her what her favorite was. She said her favorite was actually Millicent , but it didn't tend to be too popular. I guess she's right, because that's not one of the ones the LYS had chosen. I picked Twisted Flower (other contenders were Gothic Spire and German Stocking). It scares the crap out of me, but the socknitters are very helpful with their suggestions, so I'm sure I'll get through it some day.
She told me that someone had asked her to sign a pattern at Stitches, and told her to write something "Cookie-esqe," but the only thing she said was Cookie-esqe was "Yo!".
And she signed mine.

I think she was a little weirded out by having a fangirl there, but she was very nice about it. Once the space invaders are done, I'll give my autographed pattern a try.

Damn socks. The other knitters tried to warn me this would happen, that I would want to keep knitting socks constantly, but I didn't believe them. (At least it's only knitting. It could have been zombies. )


cookie said...

You guys were very cool! I wanted to ask Veronica the same thing she asked me - how did someone so cool come from the burbs? Heehee. And if you want to go on a Portillo's lunch / knitting break next week, I am game!!!

Anonymous said...

that is such a beautiful pattern. I want to knit it someday:-)


Jen said...

Oh man, I can't believe you got to meet Cookie! I think it was so worth being schoolgirl giddy/stalkerish! :)

Missa said...


just sayin'

dorothee said...

Wow, you got to meet her! Over here in Germany we can only dream of such stuff - we don't have any knitting celebrities.
How do you set up such an rss feed?

Suzanne said...

I kind of want to know how to set up that kind of feed too! Not that anyone blogs about me :)
What a fun experience for you!

Anastacia said...

Add me to the list - it's really neat getting to meet her, but I wish I knew how to set up that kind of rss feed, too!

Val said...

My LYS doesn't even know what Koigu or STR is!