Tuesday, May 29, 2007

I have the coolest Secret Pal ever!

Wow! I mean, wow! My Secret Pal has truly outdone herself! This is spectacular.
I wanted to tear into this the minute I picked it up from the post office, but as soon as I saw it had a theme, I knew I had to document this. And then blog about it instantly.
A theme!

And it's all neatly wrapped. With labels!

The theme is creature comforts.
This one is "Creature Comforts for your Creature".
It's a whole package just for Worfy! It's got patterns for catnip mice, the wool, the fluffing, and even the catnip to make them.
Here's Worfy inspecting them.

And particularly the catnip. It's even his favorite brand!

You think I'm kidding, but the Cosmic Catnip is good stuff, man. Gooooood stuff.
He was also very interested in the wrappings.
This is a lovely lavender colored knit washcloth, some lavender scented soap, and a comb.
This might be one of those too-pretty-to-use-situations.

Now this is a woman who knows what she's talking about.
And see the mug? It says K2 p2 all over it and then "Ribbed For Her Pleasure."
Tee hee! I'm so taking that to work. And tea. (But tea isn't as funny.)

And she has seriously done her homework - dark chocolate, in the mint and cherry varieties (my two favorite).

And then this is the one I was particularly excited about. The label says "Cozy socks - a creature comfort for your outer sole." It's some lovely yarn and a ton of sock patterns! All neatly bound and such! I love the idea of neatly bound things, but I'm too lazy to actually do it myself. And many are Cookie A!

Thanks, Secret Pal! Worfy thanks you too. That, or he wants more of the catnip. Either way.


B├ębec said...

good job

Lorna said...

Holy Cow! What a wonderful Secret Pal and we all know how you're on a "sock-bender" these days!! Great stuff!

Secret Pal said...

I'm so glad the package arrived and that you enjoyed it! Worfy too! We musn't neglect our kitties!

Have a good rest of the week!

Jamisyn said...

Oh, that's so nice!! I've never participated in a secret pal, but have always wanted to.

And about that Karaoke, each pair of mitts only took one ball.

DK said...

Oh my holy wow!!! Way to go, secret pal!!! And we all know that the proper way to a girl's heart is, of course, through her cat. Oh, and, with chocolate. Wow!

Carrie Penny said...

I do have to say, that is a great package! Once a cat gets cosmic, there is no going back...

I will have pics of my wrap, but until I go to see my mom and dad next week, I won't have pics of there (shush this is secret) socks ;-)

Romi said...

Oh my gosh! What a wonderful mixture of gifts!

joy said...

this is like a "poster-child" post for secret pal swaps - lucky you and lucky worfy!

Jen said...

Oh, you do have a great secret pal!

Amanda said...

Wow! What a great secret pal you have there. I absolutely love the fact that that she remembered the cat too. Gotta love it!

Pheelya said...

You have an awesome SP!!