Monday, May 07, 2007

Computers, and Why They Hate Me

Lately, computers have been doing everything in their power to thwart me. I don't know why, but this is something more than just ordinary bad luck. My luck is bad enough with computers that several senior physicsts have declared that they will never go to Vegas with me or sit next to me at the horse races. Just in case it comes up.
Clearly, this is not a question of karma, or anything like that, as some have suggested. It's not like I walk around clubbing baby seals. I'm vegetarian, after all. Isn't that a get out of karma free card?
At any rate, I keep managing to have computer disasters that make the veritable experts chuckle and say, "That's a good one!"
I will spare you the details of my physics problems, but the latest one is particularly irritating. I was trying to read Cookie A's blog, and I can see in a google search that she mentions me. Me! I'm instantly excited, I click on the link mentally composing the cool thing I'm going to blog about getting blogged about (I guess it's just like that in the blogosphere).
It doesn't work.
I can see the preview in google, I can see my name. But the link? Not there. I can get to every other website in the world, except the one I most want to read. The one about me.
Do not, I repeat, do not go to Vegas with me or sit next to me at the horse races. Just in case it comes up.


Kristi said...

Yeah, our blog is down. We've been having server issues, and we didn't know why ... but now we know it's you!

Carrie Penny said...

You aren't alone... When I took pre-cal in high school (this is why I will never take high level math or science again) I went to turn on the school's TI-83 and heard a strange poof and the calculator wouldn't turn on. When the teacher when and opened the calc to see what was wrong, one the chips or something on the blasted thing blew out. On another day same class the thing refused to turn on for no reason we could tell by looking at it... Computers aren't any differnet. I can no longer drag files into Media player on my desk top and it won't load at all on my lap top. My hubby is a software/hardware guru (Airforce taught him well) and he can't figure it out...

I think you are my doppleganger we just don't look alike. Maybe we would create an active supermassive black hole if we were ever in the same city... Remind me not to do this okay...