Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Internet gods

Well, the internet gods have decided to favor me again, and I was finally able to read Cookie A's post about Fringe.
Yep, that's the one with me in it.
I am jealous of her camera and her l33t photography sk1lz (that was cool in the 90's, if you recall). She makes me and my sock look good!
And she really does a good job of showing off the yarn. It's pretty stuff.
The socks I'm doing are actually in the Dream in Color yarn too, I just got Veronica to dye me a special batch of black. (It's always good to be friends with the owners of your LYS, especially when they have a dye studio in the back.) I hadn't used their sock yarn before, but it is smooshy (as the name might suggest) and I like it a lot. It's mostly solid, but it has very subtle variations. It's like when you're visiting your mom and she says, "Those blacks don't match," but you pretend not to know what she's talking about. You know what she's talking about.
I am into the foot of the first sock now, but I tend not to blog about works in progress, as progress has a mysterious way of stopping.
In summary, buy Dream in Color yarns, knit Cookie A's socks.


Carrie Penny said...

I just wanted to pop by and say, I am a renter, he paid for the materials, I am doing the work. That is the down side for me of being a homemaker, I don't have anything to fill up my time aside from house stuff, kniting all day is fun for the first few and then you feel like you need to be doing something with your time...

She'saCraftyOne said...

You should knit the Lotus Tank....it's so pretty. We could have a little KAL for it.

Elizabeth said...

Hey! I was just about to de-lurk when I found out that you left me a comment on my blog ages ago! (I'm lame, we all know this) I finally got it up and running again, but I found it hilarious. In any case, I just wanted to tell you that my boyfriend the physics monkey makes string theory jokes around my knitting all the time, despite the fact that he deals with neutrinos. I love to see another science knitter!

Jamisyn said...

I just got some Dream in Color today while visiting a shop out-of-town. I know I am going to just LOVE knitting with it.

I see that you are a physics grad student from IN?? I also am from IN and just received my undergrad degree (definitely NOT in physics, was infact scared of not graduating BECAUSE of physics). You are awesome for being a grad student in physics and knitting!! Wish I'd known you when I was studying for that final last week!! (I did pass and graduate, YAY!!)

cookie said...

Hey, I didn't notice that you were a grad student in physics either. Kristi's husband is just finishing up his phd in physics, woohoo! Are you on break?

The picture of the sock looks good because the sock IS good!