Thursday, May 24, 2007

What's This?

No, I haven't gotten religious on you all of a sudden. This is a new swift, by means of Lorna (who needs a blog). She came in to one of our weekly(ish) knitting meetings with one of these and we were all jealous. This is a particularly clever little swift. Those little pegs are movable dowel rods to expands to fit your skein size and detach for easier storage.
It has little pads on the base that keep it from walking across the table, and the tension can be adjusted via that shiny little screw in the center. But here's the best part. Her dad goes out into the forest, cuts down the tree by himself, and does all the expert woodworking and finishing. And he does this for a mere $30 plus shipping. This is a hand-made, solid oak swift, people.
Here it is helping me wind some yarn for my Bohus.
Basically all the ladies from the knitting group bought one, and we're trying to talk the LYS into carrying them too. If you want one, and I assure you, you should, email me, and I will forward your info on to Lorna (because she doesn't have a blog).
There have been other stash enchancements lately, but this is all you get for now.
In consolation, please enjoy this gratitous picture of my cat.
That fuzziness peeping out is part of the fun fur cat bed I made him. At least he actually likes it!


Goce said...

I like your cat!

Pennie said...

I would be interested in ordering a swift, could you email me the info.

Anonymous said...

I would like to order one of these swifts. Could you email me the info at Thanks!