Tuesday, May 01, 2007

The Mail

Things that are not fun to get in the mail:
1. Bills
2. Junk mail
3. Notices that your rent is going up
4. Bills
5. Papers to grade (don't ask)

Things that are really fun to get in the mail:
1. Netflix
2. Things you have ordered
3. Yarn
4. Cards and letters from real people
5. Magazines
6. Yarn that's a total surprise and you didn't even pay for!

Thanks Amanda!

After getting all of the things on the bad list in the last few days, I also got something on the good list!
I had a hint I might be getting something (#4 perhaps?), since she emailed me asking for my snail mail address, but I wasn't expecting this.

That's 330 yards of a brand new yarn! I hadn't even seen this one before, but it's called Andes and it's 100% wool in green and purples. It looks like violets growing under a canopy of trees (okay, so I went to the Arboretum the other day). She included a lovely card that said she saw this at her LYS and thought I could make something beautiful out of it.

But no pressure.

PS. Blog-stalking is totally encouraged.

1 comment:

Amanda said...

You are too funny. Glad that you liked the random present!