Thursday, August 03, 2006

Yarn shopping around the world

Well, tomorrow I leave for Germany and the Czech Republic. I'm thrilled of course. And besides packing obsessive compulsively (packing list, organized clear plastic bags for each type of clothing, etc) and planning my travel knitting, I thought I'd run a quick Google search on what sort of yarn shops I expect to find.
We're going back to visit my cousins, and I already know about two good yarn shops near them. One is in their tiny little town of Tirschenreuth, the other is nearby in Wagner's home town of Bayreuth (a really beautiful little German town, btw). Those are already on the agenda, whether my family knows it or not.
We're also going to stay a couple of days in Prague, so I thought I'd Google "yarn Prague". I wasn't expecting much, but then I found this. Could I ask for more? I printed it out, complete with map, and expect to hit every single one of them. Well, I suppose I could skip the bead store, but then again, there might be Czech glass....
The only remaining question mark, the three days I might be without a yarn shop, is when we're in Nuremberg. I found a mysterious post on the Yarn Harlot site mentioning a Hermann Wolleckla in Nuremberg, but searches for that, even in German, have yielded no results. Any suggestions? So far the plan is to ask the concierge when we get to the hotel.
As for finished projects, my cousins are multiplying at alarming rates, so I made a Big Bad Baby Blanket in white for one of the ones spawning. I haven't posted a picture of it because 1. I'm lazy and 2. It looks exactly like the other Big Bad Baby Blanket in white, only this time minus the pink ribbons because they're having a boy. Lots of travel knitting (and crocheting, actually) on the needles. Hopefully much of that will be done when I get back. What else am I supposed to do for 8 hours on a plane?

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