Saturday, August 19, 2006


Here's the thing. I hate to not blog. Since I read a lot of the blogs, it really bothers me when people don't update. How else am I supposed to waste time on my computer? I know there are only about four people that read my blog regularly (hi, Aunt Elsie), but it's a matter of principle. However, I also hate to blog without pictures. If I write the content first, I know I won't go back and post pictures later. And I'm fully capable of getting pictures, just not for a few days for most of my German/Czech purchase because I lazily left them at my parents' house.
So, here's my compromise. A list of things to come.
1. A spinning wheel I purchased while in Germany
2. Another spinning wheel purchased in Germany, obstensibly by my mother
3. Both spinning wheels in various states of assemblage
4. An incredible hand knit lace sweater I got in the Czech Republic (also, the few words I've learned in Czech)
5. The hand knit, striped (not self striped, striped with all ends woven in) socks I bought in Nuremburg for a steal.
6. The German yarn I got at absurd prices. Some linen and cotton, and enough wool blend to make a little sweater. Most were in the 1 euro bin.
7. The Czech yarn I went wild with. Some are souvenirs for knitting friends (what other kind of souvenirs would I buy?), some are just cool, and I even have one project planned (Ballet T in some cool purple cotton tape)

Also, I have to remember to take pictures of the things I've finished here. I finished a red mohair shawl for the shop, but forgot to get a picture of it.

Today I'm off to a dyeing workshop at Fringe. I should take the camera there too. I think it's still in the car....

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Goldendomer said...

I can't wait to see all the pictures from your yarn adventures.

I agree with you about the blog reading, I get so sad when there isn't an update, even though I only update my own once in a blue moon. I love to see what everyone else is working on.