Sunday, August 27, 2006

Skein winder

Vicki, my from the knitting guild, recently got me this nifty information about the wheel I bought in Germany. It's true that it really is a yarn skeiner, a fact that I really could have used already. But due to lack of room in my car it's still sitting in my parents' house and I had to spin a full bobbin onto a toilet roll holder.

"Those interesting gears behind the reel are things to help you keep track of how much yarn you've reeled. After a certain number of revolutions, the second gear will move that up right stick of wood to make a "clack" sound --so you can daydream as much as you want while reeling, and just count the "clacks". At the end , you multiply the "clacks" by the number of turns each "clack" represents, and you'll know how much yarn is in the skein.Those skeiners are usually known as "click reels", and finding an older one in great shape like hers is very lucky!"

This is from Ruth MacGregor at .

And besides all that useful stuff, doesn't the thing just look really cool?

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