Wednesday, August 09, 2006


So I diligently followed All Tangled Up's guide to yarn shopping in Prague. Now, I love shopping. And even more, I love yarn shopping. But by far, the best part about yarn shopping in Prague was the two hours it afforded me away from my family. I'm much better behaved when I get some quiet time to myself, especially if it involves yarn.
But as much I appreciated her guide, I'm afraid I have to disagree with some of observations.
First, right as the tram drove past it, I found the Textilni Galanterie Trzište 6, 118 00 PRAHA 1. Although it had yarn, I was pretty disappointed. It was mostly acrylic, there wasn't even one yarn that was 100% wool. It was also all behind a counter. I also don't speak Czech. However, I still managed to buy a few skeins of bamboo yarn in a light pink. It came out to about $3 a skein for 300ish meters, so it was still quite a good deal. I have some hot pink bamboo yarn at home languishing in a UFO (that I'm going to frog) and maybe get something interesting.
The next one I found was StarBeads,Passage Palac MetroNarodni 25,110 00 Praha 1. I was not particularly impressed with that either. I had visions of beautiful Czech glass beads, but despite having pretty good prices, I didn't see anything I couldn't get at home. A much better idea would be to buy one of the very long necklaces that all the vendors sell for about $10, and just cut it up for the beads.
I was thrilled to find the one called MarLen, Karolíny Světlé 12110 00 Praha 1. Well, that's what All Tangled Up called it. Now it's called something like Tingle Tangle, but they still have that sewing machine out front. It is utterly fantastic. But, dare I say it, the yarn wasn't even the best part of the store. The place seems to be primarily a fabric store, with beautiful exotic silks and other fabrics. That didn't stop me from looking at the yarn. They had fantastic soft wool, blends and cotton, interesting novelty yarns that included leather, and a bin that worked out to about a $1 a skein. I picked up some souvenir yarn for knitting friends, and some other interesting things for myself. I'll post photos of all my loot when I get back.
Sadly, there was another shop in the Old Town that looked utterly fantastic, but they were closed for vacation.
I've also bought some fantastic yarn in Germany, but I'm in Prague now and it's fresh in my mind. Still, yarn prices are incredible here, and even basic department store owned by oma and opa have yarn. I guess you trade that for the 24 hour convienience. Yet there is really nothing better than a 1 euro bin when it involves some lovely linen.

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I'm glad you're having fun. Except for the whole parent thing. i sent you an email. forward it please, to your mom. it's pictures from pinning.