Monday, August 21, 2006

KIP around the world

I was back at my parents' house this weekend, and we were talking about all the pictures from Germany. Every picture she has of me, my mom says, has me knitting. Knitting at Albrecht Durer's house, knitting in a cave, knitting at the top of a castle, knitting with the Spanish Inquisition....
Well, here's proof. That's me knitting near Albrecht Durer's house (Monty Python fans will appreciate that one)

That's me knitting in a cave (hey, I look pretty cute there).
That's me knitting on top of a castle (the ruins at Flossburg). I got that awesome coat at a second-hand shop in Prague.

To prove I did do other things, here's me drinking, overlooking the German countryside, hanging out at some castle ruins, playing in a cave, fighting with my dad on top of a castle, and jumping on this crazy harnessed trampoline thing at a fair (after a liter of beer and a giant wad of cotton candy, not too smart).

I find it slightly disturbing that the best pictures of me by far are the ones where I'm knitting. Have at that one, Freud.

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abe/happy said...

how fantastic to visit Germany - I think I will have to definitley go there after England on my must visit list of places.