Saturday, August 19, 2006

German and Czech yarn

Here are some pictures of the yarn I picked up in Germany.

This is a linen blend that was in the 1 euro bin at Tirschenreuth's LYS.

And so is this. I also picked up some black and white linen, but it quickly turned into washcloths for the German relatives, and I forgot to get a picture. I did knit them continental, which was good for me to learn. And there's something rather appropriate about knitting continental when you're actually on the continent.
This is a wool blend, enough for a small sweater, also in said euro bin.

This is some cotton I picked up in a family owned department store somewhere in Bavaria at absurdly cheap prices.

This stuff was in the 1 euro bin in Nuremburg. It's kind of funky, not sure what it will become. Maybe something for my sister.

This is a skein of the famous Opal sock yarn. It was on sale. Maybe, just maybe, it might convince me to go back on speaking terms with socks. I'm not sure though.

And here are a few magazines I managed to pick up at the regular grocery store. They had about 10 knitting and 10 crocheting magazines, as well as needlepoint, quilting and all those other crafts that just aren't as a cool as knitting. Grocery stores around here really need to do that. I had to get the one with my name on it, even if it is mostly ponchos (blech). I got a sock magazine to further fuel my attempt to get back on speaking terms with socks. By far the coolest one is the one that just lists interesting patterns with sketches and measurements for some actual garments. Even with the German translating problems I've had in the past, this I can handle.

And then there was Prague. I've already chronicled my shopping adventures, but here are the photos to prove it. Much of this is the Czech brand, Mar Len, which has some really intersting combinations. Not to mention absurdly cheap prices, even in the center of Prague.
Here's some bamboo I got at Galanterie. I'm thinking a little tank top, even though summer is nearing the end. (Maybe the Lotus Blossom tank on the cover of summer's Interweave knits. It calls for bamboo anyway, and I should have enough.)

This nifty blue stuff actually has a piece of leather running through it. Not sure what that's going to be, but the swatch in the store looked awesome.

This green yarn is a souvenir for Amanda. She recently changed schools, but this is in our school's colors, so she better make a scarf for herself and not forget us.

These are souvenirs for Nancy and Veronica at Fringe.

This purple cotton tape was in a bin that worked out to about 1 euro (though in Czech kroners). There's more than enough to make myself a Ballet T, so that's the plan. I need more purple in my wardrobe (also red, and kelley green, but that's beside the point). It will also match these cute little flats I got at Goodwill for $2.99.
I'm not really sure what's going to become of this pink stuff, or the blue stuff. I think there's enough of either to go for a Ballet T. Why not one in every color? I probably have enough pink in my wardrobe already though. And I'm sure my mom would like the blue. Anyway, cool stuff, really cheap.
Well, big post, but lots of pictures in it. There's really nothing more satisfying than walking out with a huge bag of yarn and having spent less than 20 euros on it.

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Goldendomer said...

Wow! You really racked up on some yarn. I'm very impressed. I can't wait to see what this all turns into when it is all said and done.