Sunday, August 06, 2006

Things I Love about Germany

Things I love about Germany:
1. Beer
2. Potatoes. Seriously, this country knows how to do potatoes.
3. Half-timbered houses
4. An obsession with ice cream concoctions
5. That really interesting yarn/world clothing store I'm going to have to go back to.
6. Swiss army cards
7. The seemless blend of old world and ultra modern design.
8. Cute and clever little cars.

Things I don't love about Germany:
1. Being with my parents 24/7. Seriously. Something like 4/2 would be much more manageable.
2. Everything is closed on Sundays.
3. That darn exchange rate.
4. It's cold and rainy right now.
5. Coke Light
6. According to the rental car company, I'm not old enough to drive. (Nevermind, the German autobahn is not the place to learn to drive stick shift anyway. Ask me how I know.)
7. Wet cobblestones on a steep hill.
8. Everything is closed by 8pm.

This will be updated every time I have internet access. That may not be too often. However, I'm lobbying for about 4 yarn shops by the 'morrow, so hopefully I'll have some good loot when I get back.

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