Thursday, August 16, 2007

Oops Again

My name is Sarah, and I am a sock yarn addict.
After that haul at Stitches, two days later (two days!), I managed to stagger home with not one, but 6 more skeins of sock yarn. Six.
See, it's not all my fault. First, Carrie sent me this really cool pattern. Then Jen dyed this really cool sock yarn that suits it perfectly. See? I couldn't resist. Also, Jen came out to the LYS's knit night, and I got to meet her IRL for the first time. Her yarn is awesome, and super soft as well. I can't wait to start that pattern.

Also, the shop got in a shipment that day of Cherry Tree Hill Supersock solids. I had been bugging them for it for, I don't know, a year or so. So I had to snap up four skeins or so. That was restraint on my part. The black will likely be dress socks for the boy. The royal blue might get incorporated into some Cubs socks, if I'm smart enough to figure out how (I think the answer is duplicate stitch, but somehow that feels cheap). The other solids will likely get turned into some very patterned socks, such as some Cookie A socks that have been lurking in the back of my mind. I'm paralyzed by indecision at this point. I want to cast on about 10 pairs at once. I'm trying to finish up some Irish flag socks for the boy first, but he has really big feet.

Also, I had been eyeing this colorway at the shop for a while. I have no excuse for buying it, since there were at least four skeins there and not in danger of going anywhere.'s very Sarah-colored, and as long as I'm going for broke here....

I think these might want to be Broadripples, especially after seeing Jen's in person.
I did get some stuff done, since afterwards I went over to Lorna's and used her robo-washer to felt some things. Pictures of that when they finish drying.
Also, in case you're wondering where I get the time, this is my life.


Jen said...

Sarah, it's ok to be a sock yarn addict. I am one too. I am trying not to buy yarn, but when I was at Fringe the other night, the CTH just somehow ended up in my hands. I don't know what happened!

Glad you like the yarn. :)

Have a great weekend.

Elizabeth said...

Haha, I actually have a skein of Austermann Step in that color. I love the yarn though, it is ridiculously soft. Also, sock yarn isn't stash, right? I mean, its only one skein fo each color....

Amanda said...

This is quite impressive stash enhancement. I'm very proud of you!