Thursday, August 02, 2007

It's sort of destashing....

Okay, actually it's just circulating stash from one person to another. But it sure is fun!
This is what I swapped some stuff with Vicki for:
It's some of her gorgeous handspun. Seriously, this stuff is everything handspun should be. It's wonderfully smooth and even, but with just enough of those beautiful quirks to let you know this didn't come off of a factory mill. I think Vicki's gotten better since the last time I saw her handspun IRL. It's much prettier (and not as dark) in real life. I can't wait to find the perfect shawl for it. Maybe something all wind and waves inspired.
But there were also surprises in the package too!
I figured it had to be something with catnip, considering Worfy was unduly interested in the package I brought in. It had two little rollies and a catnip mouse for him!

Worfy started playing with them right away, which is unusual for him. He usually doesn't play with anything. You can find the patterns on Vicki's blog. Worfy approves.
Here's a video link of him playing with the mouse. Of course, he stopped being as cute as he was being the minute I turned the camera on, but at least my mom will like it (Hi, Mom).
Also, there was a mysterious stapled and taped package about eight inches long. It took me forever to open, but the surprise was totally worth it.

It's one of Vicki's handmade orifice hooks for my spinning wheel.
Non- spinners, that's not as dirty as it sounds (usually).

The wheel has a thin little section (the orifice) you need to thread the yarn through to actually spin it, and you need a grabby tool (the orifice hook) to pull it through. I had been using a paper clip, so I definitely needed something like this! Bonus that it's bejeweled and matches the yarn.
If you like what you see here, go hit up Vicki at her blog. Patterns are on the side bar (she has lots of other good ones too), and you'd have to bug her for the other things.
Thanks, Vicki!

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Anonymous said...

The Worfy video is cute. He's a good puppy.

Love ya