Thursday, August 09, 2007

Mom's Sweater

Now, if I were smart, I would horde these things. I could already have a Christmas gift for my mom. But I'm completely incapable of that, and this was a pretty quick knit.

It's the Bold and Bulky Mini Cardi from Fitted Knits by Stephanie Japel.
It's more of the random hand dyed merino that turned up at the LYS. This time, I was on gauge though.

I really like the shaping at the back, and the lace detailing that forms the raglan increases. I can see why everyone and their neighbor is knitting this.

It still needs some buttons, but since I wound up at home, I figure I can trust her with those.
In summary:
Yarn: Bulky merino, hand dyed at the LYS. Two skeins dark, One skein light 120 yards $12.00
Needles: Size 15, circular
Pattern: Bold and Bulky Mini Cardi from Fitted Knits
Time: A few days
Cost: $36, plus buttons


Carrie Penny said...

Super cute!!!

Jen said...

I love the sweater. That color looks great!

Have a good weekend and hope you are enjoying Ravelry. :)

DK said...

Ooooh, I love it!

(Is that your mom? Your mom is so cute!)

Mom said...

The sweater's cute; I look awful. Promise me you'll take a better picture and post it.