Monday, June 25, 2007


Yep, Fugly Monday. There are too many good submissions for the Fugly Contest that I just can't wait till Friday.
As usual, Kate is a first responder (she's a doctor/former EMT).
Here's what she submits as fugly.

My aunt’s knitted uterus. Bonus points for the fact that it’s hot pink chunky weight acrylic."
Bonus points indeed. Also, bonus points for being on your shelf.

But it's not so bad as far as body parts go.

She also submits "
The awful fun fur ducks that I made for my friend Robin before her first grade class did their unit on hatching chicks."

Normally, I am anti-fun fur, but I think these are kind of cute, even if they do look a little sad.
Uh, do they have wings, though? Maybe that is a bit disturbing.

Also, she says, "
And the sock itself isn’t so fugly (it’s the very first full pair of socks I knit. They each had a cancer awareness ribbon on the side; I did them for my friend’s mom when she did the Avon 3Day), but, I think it funny because it’s on the dog."

It's not fugly at all, but Maggie is just too cute not to post. Seriously, she may be the cutest dog ever (you should see her chase - and catch - her tail). I demand more pictures of Maggie on Kate's blog.

Kate does not win anything from my stash.
Instead, she wins something brand new I was thinking about sending her as a housewarming/miss you present after her big move anyway. This just totally justifies it.
But I'm not going to tell her what just yet, or that would ruin the surprise.

Keep sending the fuglies! There's no limit.


DK said...

Oh. Ha! How did I miss this?

THANKS! Yaaaaay, presents!!!! And, Maggie's very honored.

PS...last night, she was chasing her tail and ran right into the coffee table - BAM! She stands there for a moment...then comes slinking over to me...owww....I hit my head, Kate...sniff...sniff, sniff....aaaaaaaaaaaand, then, went right back to chasing her tail, in pretty much the EXACT SAME SPOT ON THE FLOOR. She's resilient, if not brilliant....and she does model a sock well!

adventuresinlife34 said...

OMG. i love the uterus. seriously. i really do want one of those.