Thursday, June 14, 2007

Fugly Friday

Not to pick on the Anticraft, but I had to do this one. Again, I repeat, mostly I adore the Anticraft. Most of their designs are absolutely hysterical, subversive, tounge-in-cheek works of art. Other are down right wearable, in an Earth-mother hippie sort of way.
And then there are others. Last week was the knitted fetus. This week continues the far-too-anatomically-correct-to-be-used-as-an-accessory trend.
It's the Snatchel. Yep, the snatchel.
Over 18 only please.
I had heard about this on the cast-on podcast before, but here it is in the, er, flesh.
Here's the thing. Just because something can be knit, doesn't mean it should. But, if you, for some reason, really feel the need to knit every imaginable body part, it doesn't mean that it should then become a purse. Think about where you're putting things here! The implications of putting say, keys, in a purse like this would make me want to pass out.
And presumably, you're most likely to make it like the one you've seen the most of. Is that the kind of thing you really want to advertise?
No. This is kind of funny, but mostly just frightening. It's one of those things that should be talked about, giggled about, and then never, ever brought to fruition.
On the other hand, I suppose you could stuff the knitted fetus purse into this one and then...... never mind.
*EDIT* At least it's not in a tree.

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DK said...

Oh, God, least it's not in a tree!!

You know, of course, that the fetus coin purse was created as part of a contest run by The Anti-Craft to create just such an accessory for the Snatchel. How it then ended up in a tree, though, is beyond me.