Monday, June 04, 2007

I seriously need some real content around here

No, seriously. It's coming, I promise. I just seem to have knitter's ADD at the moment. I have so many things on the needles it's not funny. But my mom's socks are almost done, so you'll probably get a FO in a day or two.
In other news, if you want to read about my life, go read other people's blogs. Lorna wrote about the little field trip we took. More and more, I'm beginning to liken myself to a drug dealer, but with yarn. I did some serious pushing this weekend. However, I also bought a lot of chunky, fire-colored thick and thin wool that's going to become a simple felted bag. I haven't done one of those in a while. Of course, it hopped on the needles right away. How does yarn do that?
Also, later this month, where I definitely will bring a camera, I'm going to a conference in Amanda's part of the world. Her part of the world includes the legendary Thread Bear shop, as well as several others. I had really better get some things done before I head out there.
Oh well, conferences are prime knitting time. I really don't feel bad about it, because one glance around the room shows about 50% of the people browsing the internet on their laptops. At least I'm paying attention while I knit.


Lorna said...

Yes, like a drug dealer is a good comparison!

Felted bag or backpack?

Jamisyn said...

I feel you on the too many projects on the needles. I just wish SOMETHING could get done! It IS amazing how new yarns jump on the needles!!

Jen said...

You are going to get to go to Thread Bear? Oh man I am jealous! :)


Vicki said...

I try not to have too many projects on the needles at once or they don't get done. Spinning does cut into my knitting time. :-) I try to keep some balance. Currently, I'm working on short socks and finishing a Shetland scarf I started in February.