Monday, June 18, 2007

SWF ISO perfect cardigan

Remember this?

It's a big ol' pile of Noro Cash Iroha (40% Silk, 30% Lambswool, 20% Cashmere, 10% nylon ) I picked up in Japan. I know exactly what I want to make out of it.
I want a cardigan with these buttons.

The trouble? I'm just not finding the right pattern.
I want a cardigan, but it needs to be knit with absolutely minimal seaming (this is key!) and with some waist shaping. It should fit well on my 34" bust. It should also be relatively plain, because I have a finite amount of yarn (1200 yds), and I don't want the buttons to get lost in a pattern. I'm capable of small adjustments, but I'm just too lazy to do anything major.
I considered a deeply ribbed one from Glampyre, but it involved steeking the entire front. The entire front. I mean, I'm brave, but that's a lot of expensive souvenir yarn. I don't think I can really take that risk.
Of course, I should get off my lazy arse and write the pattern myself.
Instead, I'll get you to do my bidding.
Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to my first blog contest. It begins.....

(wait for it)

(wait for it)


And it continues until I find just the right pattern. It can be any pattern from any source, as long as it follows the guidelines listed above. I'm willing to buy books, standalone patterns, or even one from you, if you write it yourself (I can dream).
Whoever suggests the pattern I decide to use wins a super awesome surprise from my stash. Perhaps I will even confer with the winner to see what sort of stuffs from my stash they desire. It's just that kind of contest, and just that kind of stash.
Email your suggestions (a link or photo would also be nice) to me at the theoriesofstring in the domain of gmail in the dot com locale. If I choose you, I'll email you back and let you know.

Also, if you'd like to continue the discussion on whether yarn shops should charge for social knitting or not, please email me so I can respond personally. I'm happy to discuss this on a reasonable level. I realize we may have vastly differing opinions, but I will no longer be entertaining personal attacks on my blog.


Vicki said...

How about:
(lose the collar and sleeve and bottom edging)
or is there a way to change your favorite Ballet T into a cardigan? I've seen a long sleeve version of it in a past issue of Interweave Knits.

Miss T said...

What about Medrith Glover's Circumnavigated Cardigan? No seams.

You can find out about ordering the pattern here:

Lorna said...

Why not use the random lace pattern I did with sleeves????

Your Secret Pal said...

There is a free top down raglan cardigan pattern online at:

I personally love top down patterns because you can fit them as you go and there is no seaming!

Christa said...

What about sitcom chic from Knitty? You'd have to modify it a bit and add a button band, but I knit it for a friend and it turned out quite cute and there is nearly no seaming.

Jamisyn said...

I made adjustments to the Central Park Hoodie knixing the hood and knitting it raglan, seamless except kitchnering the armpits. It took me less than 1000 yards with cascade 220 and I made the sleeves and body extra long. It's plain mostly stockinette, a few cables, but they are very simple.

DancingFish said...

There are 3 cardigans in the Classic Knits book by Ericka Knight. I will have to check the book at lunch for the amount of yarn used but they are all pretty, simple and elegant.

DancingFish said...
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DancingFish said...

Sorry about the deleted comment! The "Kelly Cardigan" is my favorite from that book. It requires 8-10 balls Kidsilk Haze, but it is doubled so I think 1200 of the Noro might work. Here is a knitters version...

Jen said...

I am keeping an eye out for a pattern for you. I hope I find a good one! :)

Also, I went on vacation for a few days and it looks like I missed a lot of excitment on your blog! I am glad you stick up for what you think is right and you are not letting a few bad comments get you down. I wouldn't pay $5 to sit and knit either.

Have a good day!

Romi said...

OMGosh. How cute are those buttons?!?!?!?!?