Friday, June 08, 2007

Fugly Friday

Okay, some people (Lorna) claimed I wimped out on Fugly Friday last week. I pitied the poor children, but this week I bring you something truly horrendous.
So horrendous that I'm only going to link to it, and not even post the picture on my blog.
It's the Fetus Coin Purse from the AntiCraft.
Normally, I find the AntiCraft pretty hysterical. They have some witty, subversive little projects, but this is just too much.
It's exactly what it sounds like, only it looks really disgusting. It's far too detailed for it's own good. And it's in a tree. I don't know why it's in a tree.
Just...go look for yourself. Nothing I can say will really compare.


Jamisyn said...

Wow. I agree, I like AntiCraft, but that is just disgusting and ridiculous.

Carrie Penny said...

You mean The Snatchel didn't make it? I was sure that it would! Oh well... Vinnland are very pretty, I am waiting for the perfect yarn to fall in my lap for these...