Friday, April 20, 2007

Fugly Friday

Today's Fugly Friday is brought to you by ....... me.

Seriously. What was I thinking?
Aparently, "Hey, hot pink acrylic with nubblies? That would be awesome."

Yep. Awesome.
Sadly, this was my first sweater, and I can't even be proud of it. I knit it during a class in undergrad right after I had learned to knit a bit. I won't even tell you whose design I adulterated this way.
I blogged about it once here, but if anything is deserving of Fugly Friday, it's this.
Part of me thinks it could still be saved. That border just makes it worse, but it could be easily changed. It could possibly get a little bit better. But then again, it would still be hot pink acrylic with nubblies.
What do you think?


Carrie Penny said...

I think it is cute!

N. Maria said...

I actually like it!
Amazing that you tackled a sweater after learning how to knit.
I made lots of scarves first.