Monday, April 16, 2007

Remember when I was going to destash?

That was cute, wasn't it?
Instead, I've been adding to the stash, and haven't gotten rid of a single thing. Who's suprised?
Here's what I did over Easter weekend...

Seriously, who could dye eggs and not resist dying just a little yarn in the process? Not I.
I used Vicki's method of dying yarn with Easter egg dye, and made up these 5 skeins. The three blue ones are Dale of Norway Baby Ull, which is a superwash wool. They are destined to become a shawl for my mom, possibly the pleated pattern I picked up (fun w/ alliteration) in DC. The pink and purple, I have no clue. It's two skeins of Cascade 220 superwash, and I'll probably make something for myself out of it. Or it will sit in the stash for a while. Either way.
Here's something I had ordered, and it just came in this weekend. It's a beaded bag pattern, and you can see I couldn't resist starting it. It's so much fun, and not at all as hard as it looks. I also picked it up on tax-free weekend, so I didn't have to pay the sales tax. That saved a few bucks. I'll take what I can get.
I am very pleased with how it's turning out. I might actually make another one of these when I'm done. It goes very quickly - that's just from a little bit of puttering on Sunday.
Here's some yarn I got from DeStash. I believe it's Trekking XXL, and will probably become socks. Possibly socks from the 25 Favorite Socks book I just got, something textured and waffly. I have enough socks to get out of the way first (OTN - those one's for the boy's brother and a pair of Jaywalkers for myself.) There are a bit more pinks and greens in this yarn than the picture really shows, but I'm too lazy to try to get it right.
And I did swap something for some INOX circular needles in a few sizes I needed. It never hurts to have backup, especially of a brand you like. I didn't take a picture of those, though. Instead, please accept this gratutious picture of my cat.
He's really cute.


Becky said...

Quoted from the Yarn Harlot: "Despite our diversity, the tendency to be accompanied by a cat is an oddity among knitters that simply cannot be explained."

he is cute.

Carrie Penny said...

I love that blue!! So bright! So Springy!

Vicki said...

The yarn looks great. Isn't it fun dyeing with Easter Egg coloring. I picked up some more today at Meijers. It was 90% off! Now to order some more Knitpicks Bare.