Monday, April 16, 2007

Secret Pal

Thanks, Secret Pal!
I got this last week, but I was so busy with my real job, I haven't had a chance to blog about it yet.
Here's the lovely package as I got it (even though the mailman smooshed it up a little)

And here's Worfy helping me examine the two packages that were inside.
And here's what they contained.
The pink package had a pattern and everything I needed to make it. The yarn is two skeins of Aurora Bulky in red. Including the needles was a very nice touch. They fill an empty spot in my ciruclar needle holder.
The purple package contained yummies for Sarahs.
Dark chocolate covered cherries asl kjas;ldfjasdf ;lskjdf a;sdf .asd.f...
Sorry, that's me wiping the drool of my keyboard. They're all gone already of course.
And some yummy berry tea, which is half gone, and helped get me through a monstrous presentation I was working on.
I think I like this secret pal thing. (Don't worry, mine got some damn good goodies too, but obviously I can't post about that.)


Secret Pal said...

I'm glad you liked the goodies! There is more to come!

Jen said...

Oh, you have a very nice Secret Pal! That looks like some good stuff! :)