Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Grin and Bear It

I was born and raised in Northwest Indiana, that is, the part of Indiana that thinks it's a Chicago suburb. (It may be right.) We get Chicago TV, Chicago radio, we know more about what's going on in the city of Chicago than we do about the state of Indiana, and above all, we cheer for Chicago sports teams. In some respects, this is only logical. Indiana doesn't have an MLB team. The Bulls basketball dynasty was during my adolescence. People in Indiana basically don't know what hockey and soccer are (not a great loss).
And then there's football. Living where I grew up, you have two choices. You could cheer for the Chicago Bears, one of the oldest teams in the NFL with rich history and tradition, or you could root for the Colts, who snuck out of Balitmore on the back of a truck in the middle of the night. It's really up to you. I for one, have proudly chosen the Bears.
But, since the Colts are not only in a different division, but in an entirely different conference as well, there's no harm in cheering for them a little too. The AFC might get a little boring if you didn't cheer for someone. So the odds of them ever meeting were pretty much limited to the Super Bowl. My whole life, I have dreamed of a Bears-Colts Super Bowl. This year, I called it. I may call it every year, but this year I was right. Still, the fantasy was clear. As much as I wanted a Bears-Colts matchup, it had to be the Bears who were victorious.
This year, I got half my dream. And it really looked like I was going to get all of it.You've seen the Bears nonsense I've knit. I thought I'd start a nice simple drop stitch scarf in Bears colors during the game, and then I'd have a Super Bowl Scarf for all posterity.

Alas, it was not to be. At some point, between the vast, all-encompassing depression and the copious amounts of rum and Diet Coke, I abandoned the scarf when it was clear victory was no longer in the cards. It sat unworked for quite some time. It sat until the beginning of baseball season. I realized that getting to the Super Bowl was pretty darn impressive, and I should not be ashamed of an NFC championship. It's a hell of a lot closer than the Cubs have gotten in the last 98 years. So I finished the scarf, and I'll be able to wear it all next year.
To quote everyone in the city of Chicago, ever, "There's always next year."
In summary: Yarn: Karabella Aurora 8 (100% wool) in navy (1.5 skeins) and unidentified ribbon yarn in orange (1 skein, or tube, as the case may be)
Pattern: Simple drop stitch Needle: Size 7 (4.5mm)
Time: One disappointing Superbowl, one moment of perspective
Cost: About $15? I don't really remember


Jen said...

I love your Bears knitwear. Sometimes, it just has to be done!

Kelli said...

Lovie is kinda creepy BUT you should put a picture of my hat up there. It's better than yours.