Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Giant Afghan

Remember Pamela? Of course you do. No one could forget that shawl.
Well, she requested an afghan for her living room, and since she's a very nice person and a very good masseuse, I couldn't say no. She picked out the yarn and brought it to me, and we consipired on a design. Somewhat based on an afghan I had worked before (but with vast differences), I thought of the idea of a giant granny square. Pamela liked that idea, especially with the thought that it all seemed to emanate from a single, central flower.
She wanted the stitches and colors varied as much as possible, much like the previous shawl.
Well, here are a couple of quick pictures I snapped this morning before I headed off to work.
And it's certainly a giant granny square. Final dimension are about 66" square (167.6 cm, for the international readers) (that's a joke). Nerds think fast - what does that make it measure diagonally across?
She's absolutely going to love it. They're the kind of yarns she adores, and everything in her apartment is in these colors. And that's what I'm here for - to give the customer what she wants. Especially when the customer pays in professional massages.
In summary:
Yarn: Vast amounts of acrylic eyelash/fuzzy yarn
Needle: Size N crochet hook
Pattern: Giant granny square theme, making it up as I went along
Time: About 18 hours of work
Cost: She bought the yarn, and she's paying me in massages. This is a good deal, you have to admit.

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