Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Tee Party

As you know, I am madly in love with the Ballet T pattern, and I begged Nancy and Veronica at Fringe to let me teach a class on it. They had an even better idea. Since the T can be mostly finished in a matter of hours, why not up the sense of instant gratification by making it a special day to pamper yourself? Enter the masseuse.
Yes, that's right. Included in the cost of the knitting class was a 20 minute chair massage. Are these girls brilliant or what? Dawna, our masseuse, was fantastic. *When I get all her information I will edit this post and put it in. The woman deserves more business.*
And the tees came out lovely as well.
Valerie barely needed me at all. Here she is with her tee made out of Trendsetter's Dune. I think she used about 7 skeins, not a bad investment. She's committed to knitting things that are "over the top," and I think she succeeded.

Here's newcomer Karen, making the tee for herself in Cotton Fleece (just two skeins needed). She got about halfway done with hers when the class was over, and is coming back in to finish it up. She plans to make more, including one for her adorable little girl.

And this is Jeanne, with hers in Aurora 8 doubled. It really looks great in that yarn. She was past most of the shaping when she left.

And here's my little start. This is a random yarn I picked up in Prague. It has little bits of leather and several different yarns held together. It made it a serious pain to work with; the different yarns kept getting tangled all over the place. I even had to cut it and restart once. I had no idea how much yardage I had, due to the nature of the store I bought it in and my inability to speak Czech. I had hoped it was enough to make a full Ballet T out of it, but it isn't looking like it. However, I had the idea of making it empire waisted and including and eyelet row and cord. The trouble will just be finding the right yarn to finish it in. The deep, deep navy blue is kind of elasticy, and the turquoise is a cotton tape, both of which will be really hard colors and styles to find. Ah well, we'll see how it goes.

Overall, I'd say the class was an amazing success. Lots of people have seen looking at the tee in the shop since then, and lots of others have been asking about the massage. Hopefully, we'll do both again. Though if you want to put in a good word for me at Fringe, feel free.

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