Tuesday, September 05, 2006

I knew this thing would come back to haunt me

I just didn't think it would be this soon. Sure, my friends have teased me about it. But since there are about 5 people that read this regularly (hi, Veronica), I thought I was pretty safe in my nerdiness.
That is until recently. I've been (ahem) talking with this guy, and we got the bright idea to google each other. Now, my last name appears absolutely nowhere on this blog, yet somehow, he found it on a simple google search. And it's pretty obvious that physics + knitting + sarah = me. There aren't too many other people that fit that equation.
Generally, when one has an intense interest in a hobby (some might say obsession), one introduces it to new people slowly. You sneak up on these things kind of quietly, like with a nervous dog. I was going to work my way up to the blog. But no, right at his fingertips are six months of knitting frenzy. His response? "Wow, you really like to knit..." Yes. Yes, I do.
At least the ladies at the yarn shop were sympathetic. To quote Veronica, "That's like 5th - date, sleeping - together information!" She said it, not me. Ah well, the truth is out.
Note to guy: Yes, I'm blogging this and I'm aware you might read it. The knitting public has a right to know. Just remember I have the video clip now.


Veronica Van said...

Just remember...There is nothing but right about knitting!!! It is good for you( exercises you brain!), non fattening, pretty (you can use the yarn in your home decor as well) and at the end you can wear whatever you make. I am sure that any "guy" would be impressed by a gal that can make sweaters. Just don't tell "guy" about the boyfriend/sweater curse. I told Nancy about the "indian scarf". (She said what about the lions but I pointed out the wreath thing that we talked about). Anyway, she loved the idea and wants in. Should we include her???? Probably. I do everything else with her. Why not?

Veronica Van said...

Too cool!! Physics+knitting+sarah=you--top hit. I've never been #1 google hit on anything. You are famous.