Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Dead and Loving It

*Cough cough*

It's the end of Sock Wars for me. I didn't even realize it started until the other day, and I'm dead already. Well, here are the International Socks of Doom. They're very lovely, Handsome Pete. You were a worthy opponent. Maybe next year I'll take down one opponent....

Who knows, maybe some day I'll actually finish a pair of attractive socks? Wouldn't that be interesting?


Anonymous said...

Hi - I saw your comment on Yarn Monkey's blog about not having a dossier or info on your target to pass on. I saved the list so if you still need the info let me know at nepheleb AT gmail DOT com

scarybez said...

Ah well, we all gotta die sometime, and what better way than by some pink stripey socks?!