Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Done enough to blog about

Here, for your viewing pleasure, is the Rectangle Bobble Bag of the Geometric Accessory Bags from One Skein. It really is just one skein, with a little left over. I'm done with all the crocheting, but I still need to put a zipper in before I can actually use it. I probably didn't need to tell you that, and could have just pretended it was done here, but that would be lazy and wrong. Instead, I'll just stick with lazy.

This is some of the yarn that I dyed in Veronica's class. It's just plain old Lamb's Pride worsted, originally natural, then dyed with Kool Aid. I think the stitch pattern shows the colors off really well, though the flash from my camera doesn't.
I'm getting creative with the photos here. I think this one is a bobble garden.
I highly recommend the book, and this pattern in particular. I'm tempted to make the other little bags in the series too.
It's a vicious cycle, really. Find a great yarn, so then you have to find a good pattern for it. Then you find another good pattern, and you have to find the right yarn. On and on it goes, until yarn and pattern books are taking over your wallet and apartment like a pervasive creeper moss. Oh well. I surrender.

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