Friday, October 26, 2007

Fugly Friday - Pre Halloween edition (2)

Okay, I'll have to be honest. Maybe the reason I like this for Fugly Friday is that I sort of feel that Barbie belongs in something like this anyway.

[Fugly Friday is having technical difficulties. I will upload the pic as soon as I can, but in the mean time, you can check out the link here.]

But....seriously. I applaud the effort, I really do. But let's be reasonable here. No kid is actually going to put this on her Barbie. Regardless of how you feel about the blonde bit....bombshell, the days when kids will put something hand made on their trendy toys are over. If you knit a fantastic mini-shawl, they wouldn't put up with it. We're just not cool enough for that anymore.
Free pattern here.
I mummified a Barbie for a school project once. I think that's a much better use of the thing.


Carrie Penny said...

LOL!!! Yes! I swear Barbie is the bane of a lot of womens existance, I just didn't like her b/c she couldn't play with any action figures that the boys had. Batman was way too short and GI Joe was too big... When we tried to play X-Men well, I won't even get into those issues.

Angel said...

It may be that my 9 your old daughter has bad taste, but she's asked her grandmother to make that dress for her barbies. My Princess is learning to crochet so she can make sweaters for her Cabbage Patch dolls.

I do agree though, it is an ugly dress.

carol said...

Fugly Monday--------"someone" told me you were a Bears Fan.

WELLLLLL! ! ! Sunday afternoon with the knitting knuts was better than wasting electric on the Bad Bad Bears! ! !

Sigh! ! ! !and to think we waited two weeks to see them.

Grrr!!!! on those dang washcloths.

Lorna's Mom Carol