Monday, October 29, 2007

Fawkes Socks

Dumbledore (who is apparently gay) likes knitting patterns, so it's no surprise there are a ton of Harry Potter patterns out there. There is of course, Charmed Knits, and a few sock patterns out there too.
This one, sent to me by Carrie Penny, is based on Fawkes, Dumbledore's pet pheonix.

I realize two things about this photo. 1. It probably violates some kind of copyright law. Sorry. 2. I should probably have used the book The Order of the Pheonix for the picture, but the colors on this one match so much better.
I needed a firey colored yarn for it, but I just wasn't finding anything. I looked for a long time until I finally found Jen's Etsy site, and she had this gorgeous yarn called sunburn.

This picture actually shows the colors pretty true to life. They are absolutely saturated, and I love it.
I also really liked the pattern. It's supposed to be rising flames, and it's a pretty easy 12 row lace repeat. This would not be bad for a beginner at lace.

They're a bit tight on me (my gauge might have been slightly off), but I'm sure they will mold to my feet, as only hand-knit socks can.
So seriously. Loved the pattern, loved the yarn, love the way they look together, and it's all thanks to my internet friends Carrie and Jen. Yay for the internet.

In Summary:
Pattern: Fawkes, from Socktopia, sent by Carrie
Yarn: Sunburn sock yarn (100% superwash merino), hand dyed by Jen
Needles: Size 1 (2.25 mm), two circs (not that I don't like dpns, but the lace pattern was a lot easier to do with a longer needle)
Cost: $19 for the yarn, pattern was a present
Time: I probably dabbled for about a month with these, but you could do them faster. It's a nice little pattern.

Gratutious new pictures of Worfy and Duncan (he's getting so big!) can be seen at their respective flickr photosets, and new youtube videos of them playing can be seen here and here.


La Petite Tricoteuse said...

Socks look great! You could be a phoenix for halloween- speaking of which... I have to finish sewing our costumes...

Jen said...

Oh, those socks are pretty! Hooray for the Sunburn yarn! I am really glad you liked it. :)

Amanda said...

The socks look great! I saw that colorway over on Jen's etsy site. She does such great work.

I hope that you're feeling better!

N. Maria said...

Your socks rock! They are gorgeous!

Kismatt said...

LOL A knitter who also digs physics. I'm so GLAD there is someone else out there who is as nutty as I am! If I had the money and time I'd go back to college for physics. *sigh*

Great socks - I'd actually tagged that colorway for the same pattern! Aren't the colors fab?