Friday, October 05, 2007

Fugly Friday - Poppies

Now, in general, I have nothing against knitted flowers. In the appropriate place, like a felted bag, they can be quite cute. However. They do not belong here.

They simply do not.
These are the Perky Poppy Pins on magknits, courtesy of Lorna. As felted flowers, I have no problem with them whatsoever. They are a bit big for my tastes, but on the right bag, a smaller version could be kind of cute.
Let me reiterate. They do not belong there, especially with that name. At least there are three and not two. I hope that doesn't imply anything.
Keep sending the fuglies.


DK said...

Ew, oh, ew! What?!?!?!!

Carrie Penny said...

UMMMMM... I am kinda concerned about the photography and the choice of placement. I really like the flowers themself and would be tempted to make them, but that by far was not the best way to display them.... SCARY! Not fugly, SCARY!

Amanda said...

Happy Birthday to you!
You live in a zoo.
You look like a monkey,
And you smell like one too.

(My mom used to sing that to us every birthday. I thought I'd pass on the love.)