Sunday, January 07, 2007

That Thing That's Been Going Around

No, not that cough/ flu thing (although I had that too), the one about blogs where you post your first sentence(s) from each month this last year.

January: Well, okay, I owe you a brief explanation of what string theory really is.

February: Have you ever noticed that when you're working on a project during a movie, or while you're thinking about something, whenever you pick it up again, you find yourself reminded of what you were doing before?

March: So here's the thing. Once a week, my department has a physics colloquium, where someone comes in from another department or another school and gives a physics-y lecture. Naturally, I use this time to further my physics education by exposing myself to a broad range of research, by which I mean knit.

April: So I really haven't posted in about a week.

May: Yes, I know you want shiny, pretty pictures of knitted objects, but I'm going to disappoint you once again.

June: So after some hard work and recorded TV shows this weekend, I finished Cassie's wedding shawl.

July: In the midst of shawl madness, I took a little break to make these sweet little baby booties.

August: Well, tomorrow I leave for Germany and the Czech Republic.

September: I was back visiting my parents yesterday. Although they have three cats, they evidently still have a mouse problem.

October: Now that the cold weather has hit, and hit hard, it's time to break out my brand new sweater.

November: It's not that I haven't been knitting. I really have, even on the scuba trip. It's just that I'm still knitting the same thing.

December: The stash has reached outrageous proportions. Someone asked me if I could fill a bathtub with it, as a measure of insanity. I could fill the tub with the amount of yarn I have hidden in the living room alone, let alone the main stash in my closet.

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